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Banged Up Prison Profile - Gracie Disgrace

The penultimate inmate to give evidence before returning to her cell tonight in is…

Gracie Disgrace

Why are you Banged up?

Stalking and indecent exposure. I mean can’t a girl sneak into a guys house in the middle of the night in the nude to cook a lovely rabbit strew anymore? Maybe cooking his pet rabbit was where I went wrong?

What is your role in Cellblock HOB?

I’m the prison cleaner, my cell mates are filthy.

What is the one item you can’t be without?

My feather duster, it comes in handy removing the cobwebs. Makes a fashionable showgirl headdress and comes in very useful tickling a prison guard or two to get what I want.

What is your most dangerous feature?

My biceps, I’m the undefeated cellblock HOB arm wrestling champion.

Are you guilty?

Not guilty just misunderstood.

Photo by Oli Sandler

Gracie can be seen along with the remainder of the cast TONIGHT at Madame JoJo’s for HOB Banged up!
This is your last chance to buy your tickets - Here

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And the Winner is …. Burlesque Idol 2012

Its been an amazing year at Burlesque Idol with the Finale being one of our most exciting to date! After 10 amazing performances the audience cast their vote and we had a 1st Runner Up - the hilarious Lolo Brow and a winner…. please meet Burlesque Idol 2012 - Violet Blaze!

Violet Blaze by Mr Suave

Pic By Mr Suave

Were you nervous before the show?

 I was SOOO NERVOUS!!!!! oh my days you have no idea. One of the girls said she forgot I was there, because I wasn’t my usual loud self. I was SO quiet. Hardly spoke until the show started.I was still rhinestoning my corset for when we came back for curtain call…. I just wanted to look my best.

How did you feel after you had done your performance?

Soon as the show was over, I breathed a sigh of Relief! I heard the crowd were roaring for a couple minutes… and it made me SO happy that I did a good job! Apparently Barnaby simply dropped to his knees…not knowing what to say! The judges gave lovely comments, Beatrix Von Bourbon saying “all my notes are in Capital Letters!” I felt very proud.

What are your plans for 2013?

In 2013 I plan to enter more competitions, and hopefully have 2 new acts under my belt. The one thing I DON’T want, is for people to expect me to top “Big Mama” She is my signature act,and will always be my favourite, but my new ones will be different. I just hope my fellow Blazers and Blazettes will appreciate what else I have to offer!

What advice would you give to contestants for 2013? 

Be Prepared. Check that you have EVERYTHING you will need. 

Go to the loo long before you go on stage. Just before your name is called you’ll feel like you need to go again.Don’t. It’s just nervous pee. It goes the second you get on stage.

Look and do your BEST. It’s a competition…you don’t know how serious the other girls are taking it… so if you have come to win… prove you’ve got what it takes!

Have fun!!! At the end of the day… you’re performing to a VERY supportive crowd…. soak it up…. cos it’s not always like that!!!!!!!!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In five years time…. I’d love to be hitting the big time. Have massive props…. perform abroad….my own stage show…. and be so famous Dulux will name a colour after me. 

And there we have it! Watch out for Ms Blaze in 2013 as she will be coming to a town near you no doubt!

Violet Blaze Retro Photo Studio

Pic by

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And a note from our winner 2011….

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month you will no doubt be aware that in 2 weeks time the winner of Burlesque Idol 2012 will be crowned. But what does this title mean and more importantly what is the best way to win it?! I think the best person to answer this is Burlesque Idol 2011 - Jolie Papillon.

Since winning her title Jolie has established herself as one of London’s favourite  Burlesque artists working regularly at all established performing venues such as Volupte, Proud City and Camden, Madame Jojos, Cafe de Paris, the Brickhouse, Cellar Door and for private parties and events. She will be joining us on the 30th on the judging panel ready to pass on her crown to one of our georgous finalists. She took a break from her busy schedule to give some advice on taking the title:

Q. What is the most important quality for a burlesque artist to have onstage?
A. Personality!

Q.What does it take for an act to shine in a competition format?
A.I think one of the qualities that really engages the audience to the performance is the presence of a strong character and story line that shines throughout the whole act. That, connected with the performer’s skill is definitely the perfect formula to me!
Q.If you could give one piece of advice to the contestants what would it be?
A. Have fun! and if you’re nervous, excited or anything else, incorporate those feelings with your performance, it will turn into a good dose of adrenaline!
Thanks Jolie! You can read more about Jolie’s career here:
Tickets for finale can be purchased here

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Finalist Interview: Fanny Dent

1. What does burlesque mean to you?
The unexpected, making the audience laugh and ultimately, connecting with them.  To be honest, burlesque is impossible to define! There is such a variety of styles and different types of acts out there: from the cute and fluffy to the dark and creepy. In my first ever burlesque class, the teacher said something that always echoes in my mind when I’m searching for inspiration: “In burlesque, you can go on stage and do literally whatever you want.” That’s completely true. You can’t say that about any other performance art, and it’s precisely 
that richness that makes burlesque so exciting.

Personally, I want to make my audience laugh. When a crowd is laughing, it means they recognise some truth in the performance and identify with what they see. Also, honesty plays a big part in it for me. I want to show the audience who I really am, and that I’m just like them! - Wobbly bits and all!

2. What style of burlesque do you perform?
I’m a comedic performer who tells stories. Come watch! I promise to entertain you and I’ll make even the grumpiest old fart crack a smile!
3. Your favourite established burlesque act?
There are so many different styles that it’s impossible to compare! There’s no such thing as like for like!

4. Your biggest influence
I have to mention my first teacher, Shirley Windmill here who effortlessly removed all of my own pre-conceptions about burlesque. While taking her classes, it dawned on me that you really can do whatever YOU want in burlesque and it’s that message that has influenced me ever since. 

5. What would it mean to you to win Burlesque Idol 2012?

It would make me happy forever.

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One for the Boys

The phenomenon of boys doing burlesque has been long established in the Burlesque Revivial especially in the UK and US where we have many fabulous artists doing great and interesting work. Whether you call it Boylesque, Bearlesque or just Burlesque it seems that the love of the art of tease and entertainment is not just for us ladies. So when Madame Jojos, the stunning venue where we have our Friday residencies came to me and said would we like to do a special edition of our very popular show Burlesque Idol just for boys, we said YES!

This will be a special exclusive 3 date only show kicking off on FRIDAY 22nd JUNE which will run during 2012 along side Season 3 of Burlesque Idol that is still running on the last Friday of every month. Tickets will be on sale soon and I am now accepting submissions from male artists to compete. Look out for further announcements on the way regarding the prizes, our sponsors and line ups but until then here is a picture of GoGo Harder and Dave the Bear looking gorgeous to remind you why we love BOYLESQUE!

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