From the Pen of Miss Tempest Rose

From the Pen of Miss Tempest Rose

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Banged Up - Prison Profile Tempest Rose

AND FINALLY, its time to hear from The keeper of the keys, the countess of the clink - The mistress of Cell Block HOB

Miss Tempest Rose


What is your Job within Cell Block HOB?

Aside from Head Bitch? I deal with the Commissary Deliveries

What is the one Item you can’t live without?

In here? Sanitary Towels. They double up as great bathroom slippers

Why have you been Banged up?

Bank Heist

What is your most dangerous Feature?

My Razor Sharp Stilettos

Are you Guilty or Not Guilty?

Not Guilty. Its a case of mistaken identity. But they had it coming…

 Picture by The Urban Snapper


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Banged Up Prison Profile - Gracie Disgrace

The penultimate inmate to give evidence before returning to her cell tonight in is…

Gracie Disgrace

Why are you Banged up?

Stalking and indecent exposure. I mean can’t a girl sneak into a guys house in the middle of the night in the nude to cook a lovely rabbit strew anymore? Maybe cooking his pet rabbit was where I went wrong?

What is your role in Cellblock HOB?

I’m the prison cleaner, my cell mates are filthy.

What is the one item you can’t be without?

My feather duster, it comes in handy removing the cobwebs. Makes a fashionable showgirl headdress and comes in very useful tickling a prison guard or two to get what I want.

What is your most dangerous feature?

My biceps, I’m the undefeated cellblock HOB arm wrestling champion.

Are you guilty?

Not guilty just misunderstood.

Photo by Oli Sandler

Gracie can be seen along with the remainder of the cast TONIGHT at Madame JoJo’s for HOB Banged up!
This is your last chance to buy your tickets - Here

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Banged Up Prison Profile - THE Diablo Daniels

The Diablo Daniels, 

One of our Newest inmates… We know your crime, do you have anything to say in your defence?


Why are you Banged up?

For righting the wrongs  of oppression on women from the patriarchy, and having the balls (ovaries) to take matters into my own hands (or vagina)

What is your role in Cellblock HOB? 

*RAPS* I be that rockabilly rachet/ with a nasty habit /I chop cocks off with a passion/ Goddamn it.
What is the one item you can’t be without? 
Red lipstick. Easy for marking your prey.
What is your most dangerous feature?
My fuck the world mentality? No. My thug life past? Probably not. Nah, its definitely gotta be all the teeth up in my vagina. VAGINA DENTATA BITCHES!
Are you guilty?

Picture by Oli Sandler

You have 3 days until all inmates are back in Cellblock HOB, Catch them this Friday Madame JoJo’s  - For Booking Click HERE!

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Banged Up Prison Profile - Leonie Soprano

Leonie Soprano

You have requested we add to your Admissions Statement, what do you have to say for yourself?


What is your Job within Cell Block HOB?

I’m the Chef… You mess with my kitchen? You mess with ME!

What is the one Item you can’t live without?

A good Haddock!

Why have you been Banged Up?

I killed another chef in Paris during my training. To be honest, he hacked me off. So I hacked him.

What is your most dangerous feature?

The twins as I like to call them. I definitely am the boobs of the cell.

Picture by The Urban Snapper

The Next Banged up Show is Friday 11th April at Madame JoJo’s - Buy Your tickets HERE!

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Banged Up Prison Profile - Storm Hooper

Storm Hooper…

You have the right to remain silent. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you may later rely on in court….


Why are you Banged up?

They say my rich husband died because of me. They’re all claimin’ i’m a Gold Digger!

What’s the one Item you can’t live without?

My Hula Hoops. Practicing passes the long days in the cell

What’s Your Most Dangerous Feature?

My hips. All those hoops man, its a tough life..

Are you Guilty or Not Guilty?

NOT GUILTY. It was all an accident. I promise. I just have always had really bad luck with men.

Picture by The Urban Snapper

Next months Banged Up is fast approaching - Don’t miss out! Buy your tickets HERE!

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Banged Up - Prison Profile Lolo Brow

Banged Up is our brand new show. On the Second Friday of every month at Madame JoJo’s 

We have been given access to each of the CellblockHOB inmates Pre-Sentence Report to give some insight into their crimes.

So… Who is Guilty?  First up to the Stand. Lolo Brow.


Lolo, Why are you Banged up?

Mostly for my complete and utter disregard for anything sane.

And apparently its completely unacceptable to eat a pigeon raw in a children’s playground. 

What is your most dangerous feature?

My Killer Arse. It has been known to suffocate on occassion.

What is the one item you can’t live without?

My Little Rooster alarm clock vibrator… Don’t ask

Finally Lolo Brow - Are you Guilty or Not Guilty?

Oh ever so guilty… very proud to be.

Picture by The Urban Snapper

Tickets available HERE

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Kiss me Deadly and House of Burlesque - Catwalk and Cabaret

Coming up on 2nd May….

The House of Burlesque at The Tabernacle Theatre.

We are teaming up with the fabulous Kiss Me Deadly for their newest collection catwalk.

Kiss Me Deadly like to do things a little differently, and this catwalk show is no different. This one won’t feature your average model. Instead, modelling the collection will be Kiss Me Deadly fans!! The House of Burlesque will also be performing in this Beautiful theatrical space, as usual presenting the best of the Burlesque and Cabaret world. We have classic burlesque beauties, alternative diva’s and even some boylesque!

This is an event we at The House of Burlesque are extremely excited about, And we would LOVE for you to come to join us.

Tickets can be purchased here! 


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How to Look Fabulous at a Burlesque Show: Top 10 Tips and Tricks

At every Burlesque Idol show comes ‘The Best Dressed Competition’ 

It’s an age old question: What to wear on a night out that will get me noticed  and make me feel fabulous.  Going to a Burlesque Event is one of those occasions where not only anything goes, but where you can really show originality and bring your own unique personality into the limelight!  

We asked the Fairy Godmother to our Burlesque Idol contestants and costume maker extraordinaire Serine Daou her top 10 tips

How to dress for Burlesque?!

1. Pull out all the stops! : Glamour, glamour, glamour is the key.  Red Carpet Sexy.  Remember, classic is fashionable these days, so a simple floor length dress with all the accessories will go down a storm.

 2Recycled: This is a great opportunity to re-wear or re-style a wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dress or cocktail dress that only had one outing.  Have a tweed suit that you haven’t worn in a while? Why not take all of these items to your dressmaker, and get her to re-vamp the outfit to make it more wearable for nights out.  I’ve taken a men’s 3 piece suit and re-made it into a halterneck corset, wiggle skirt and Victoriana jacket.  Anything is possible!!

3.  Retro Doll: There are so many amazing stores now stocking 40s and 50s clothes in all sizes, from sailor style dresses to rockabilly skirts.  Don’t be afraid of stepping out in retro underwear, either, as this could be a fabulous look! (Think 40s housewife: silk stockings, hair in curlers and  scarf, girdle, bullet bra and kimono) Whatever you do, don’t forget to accessorise your look with the right hairstyle and make-up because this puts the icing on the cake.

 4. Dancing Queen:  Think of all those iconic outfits from the movies:

Flashdance - cut-off sweats, legwarmers

Dirty Dancing - fishnets, dancing heels, crop top and knickers

Saturday Night Fever - 70s halterneck and some platform wedges Grease - Shiny leggings and a leather jacket

Fame – Leotard, sweats and 80s side ponytail!

Footloose - Denim, miniskirt and cowboy boots

5. Office Chic If you’ve just clocked off and headed for wine o’clock, then the world is your oyster.  The best thing you can do is unbutton your shirt a little (or a lot!), stick a well fitting corset over your pencil skirt, a handy fascinator in your hair, and don’t forget that glass of wine in your hand! Perfection!

6. Flip it Upside-down! If it is winter be daring and wear a summer dress. If it is summer, cover yourself from head to foot in the most luscious velvet gown you can find.  The best thing is that there are no rules, as long as there is glamour, you will always win!

7. Avoid Costume Cliches:  Just because you’re at a Burlesque event, this does not give you an excuse to wear your latex nurses outfit.  Of course this would be more than acceptable if done well, with plenty of accessories and with much humour.  Be careful that you don’t end up looking tacky. 

8. Quality Quality Quality!!! Whatever style you choose, there is no worse give-away than an ill-fitting dress or corset.  A couple of centimetres adjustment here or there can make all the difference.  Always get the best fitting corset that you can afford.  I can not stress this enough.  A good corset is made with several layers of thick fabric, stuffed with sprung steel boning.  It feels heavy, and fits to flatter your curves.  If you have more than a D cup, this may be a challenge.  If you can afford it, get your corset made: one sumptuously fitted corset is worth more than a wardrobe stuffed with off the rack cheapos.  If you’re going to pay a few hundred pounds for a sumptuous brocade corset, go the extra hog and see if you can have it made precisely to fit„ you’ll be surprised how many corsetieres will be ready to negotiate with you on style and price.  Plus, if you get something specially made, you’ll know that no one else has a design or fit like it. 

9. If in doubt, just take it all off!  A good pair of fishnets, your best high heels and a corset (this goes for the boys too, I do like a chap in corset and heels)…

10. A Note for the Chaps:  Moustachioed Steam Punk – YES! Waistcoats and hats – YES!  Rockabilly Retro – YES! Cuban Heels and a Patrick Swayze swagger – Most definitely YES!!  Jeans and a T-shirt – no no no.  We expect our men to be well turned out, whether Cary Grant Smooth, or Hippie Art School with big glasses and braces, there is nothing more attractive than a man who makes an effort to look suave.  

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