From the Pen of Miss Tempest Rose

From the Pen of Miss Tempest Rose

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Meet HOB’s Man of the Moment…Esquire de Lune

After our first outing at the London Wonderground we cannot WAIT to get back on the stage. If you missed the show, you should know that a new BOYLESQUE star was born!! We just had to give you a little more of the man of the moment…

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet - ESQUIRE DE LUNE!


Esquire, Tell us a little bit about your career thus far?

For the past 18 years I have been a professional commercial dancer specialising mainly in TV, pop tours, movies, hair shows, fashion shows, music videos etc. I have been fortunate enough to tour and perform with the likes of Robbie Williams and Take That, Girls Aloud, Shirley Bassey, Seal, Whitney Houston, Kylie and Tom Jones to name a few fabulous names. TV credits have included Xfactor, The Voice, BGT, Dancing on Ice and Strictly Come Dancing.

What has drawn you to the world of Burlesque?

I was drawn in to burlesque on an absolute whim, still to this day I don’t know what possessed me! I had met the lovely Tempest Rose a few times through the gorgeous Delores Deluxe and we were friends on Facebook, I saw her post about Boylesque Idol and decided for some strange reason that I’d enter. I’d never thought about it before so not sure what possessed me. I’m really glad I did though as I won the competition and here I am!!! Looking back I think initially it was more of a way to unleash some creativity and create some sexy, dark and mysterious numbers and characters……….and perhaps a little bit because I like to take my clothes off!!!

How did you construct your Boylesque Persona? 

Actually before Esquire de Lune came about I had entered myself in Boylesque Idol as “Bambam le Bang” but when I started creating and conceptualising all my new numbers I just didn’t feel the name was appropriate. Bambam le Bang sounded very traditional, tongue-in-cheek burlesque but what I was creating was more a dark, atmospheric, dramatic kind of neo-burlesque style. I thought on it for a day and came up with Esquire de Lune. I then dug out a picture from a shoot I did a few years back that I thought summed up the character well, slapped a moon behind it and an Esquire de Lune name ribbon on the front and Bob’s your uncle!! 


How would you describe your performance style?

My performance style as mentioned before is what I’ve learnt to be as neo-burlesque which is a more modern take on burlesque. Obviously coming from a dance back ground my performance is very dance based. I think you should always play to your strengths. 

Having come from an alternate performance world, what advice would you give to any budding performers?

That’s a good question actually because what I learnt “very”quickly was no matter how accomplished a dancer I was or how much stage time I already had under my belt, burlesque is a totally different way of performing, I felt like I was starting all over again! Performing alone on stage is very nerve-wracking let alone when your taking your clothes off, I’ve learnt you really have to play to the audience ‘cause no matter how good you are, if you’re not involving them it just doesn’t work! You also have to exude sooo much confidence even if you aren’t  particularly feeling it that day without coming across arrogant or cocky!

You can see Esquire de Lune in some of our upcoming Summer Speakeasy’s, Saturday’s at Madame JoJo’s You can also catch him and the rest of the fabulous cast in our full run at the LONDON WONDERGROUND This Summer… EVERY THURSDAY THROUGHOUT AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER! DON’T MISS US!

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Check out our fabulous review from The Stage newspaper from our opening night here. “ This is empowering entertainment by women who own our eyeballing, rather than becoming objectified by it. It’s also a highly skilled piece of theatrical cabaret and - as the raucous reaction of this crowd attests - rip-roaring fun.” 

Tickets for our run are available here:

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Summer Speakeasy - Miss Dolly Rose

Coming up in June, is our 5 week summer season of Summer Speakeasy Shows at Madame JoJo’s in Soho.

The Summer Speakeasy is a limited 5 week run. There is the option of a show and burlesque class package which is the PERFECT option if you’re celebrating a Hen Party or Birthday!

Miss Dolly Rose is a London based Burlesque performer and teacher and a regular House of Burlesque performer and teacher. She will be the one putting you through your pre show class and introducing you to the world of Burlesque.

So what better reason to meet the lady herself…


What is your Performance Style?

I’d say I’m a classic burlesque performer, but with my own style; I do a lot of vintage dance styles outside of burlesque, so I’m very influenced by the authentic music and dancing of the 1920s to 1940s. I’m also never happier than when designing or making new costumes ,and draw my costuming inspiration from this period too.

When did you begin teaching with The House of Burlesque?

I began teaching with The House of Burlesque last year; I’ve really enjoyed the experience of teaching, from planning and creating classes to watching people have fun and gain confidence. I like to make classes as friendly and fun as possible.

Do you have a teaching style?

I try and make my classes fun but useful, full of tips and tricks. I llke my classes to be useful for people learning Burlesque for fun and to try something new, or for people interested in performing

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to learn Burlesque?

Try to learn as much as possible from different sources, its great to go to Burlesque classes, but try other dance styles like ballet too; also go to as many shows as possible, you can learn so much from watching others perform.

What aspect of Burlesque do you most enjoy teaching?

I love choreographing routines, so I always like creating routines to do in class; I always enjoy teaching tassel twirling on our beginners courses, as it’s great to see people going from feeling self conscious to feeling really confident, which is always really fun and rewarding.

Do you think a Class is a good Hen Party Idea?

Yes! definitely, its really enjoyable but also great for feeling confident, not to mention learning such practical life skills as posing and tasseling!

Thanks Dolly!

Sounds good!? Then come along to join us! The House of Burlesque Summer Speakeasy is the perfect warm up to your sizzeling Soho night.

And have a pair of tassles on us for the lady or man(?) of the hour if you are celebrating something special!



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Banged Up - Prison Profile Tempest Rose

AND FINALLY, its time to hear from The keeper of the keys, the countess of the clink - The mistress of Cell Block HOB

Miss Tempest Rose


What is your Job within Cell Block HOB?

Aside from Head Bitch? I deal with the Commissary Deliveries

What is the one Item you can’t live without?

In here? Sanitary Towels. They double up as great bathroom slippers

Why have you been Banged up?

Bank Heist

What is your most dangerous Feature?

My Razor Sharp Stilettos

Are you Guilty or Not Guilty?

Not Guilty. Its a case of mistaken identity. But they had it coming…

 Picture by The Urban Snapper


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Banged Up Prison Profile - Gracie Disgrace

The penultimate inmate to give evidence before returning to her cell tonight in is…

Gracie Disgrace

Why are you Banged up?

Stalking and indecent exposure. I mean can’t a girl sneak into a guys house in the middle of the night in the nude to cook a lovely rabbit strew anymore? Maybe cooking his pet rabbit was where I went wrong?

What is your role in Cellblock HOB?

I’m the prison cleaner, my cell mates are filthy.

What is the one item you can’t be without?

My feather duster, it comes in handy removing the cobwebs. Makes a fashionable showgirl headdress and comes in very useful tickling a prison guard or two to get what I want.

What is your most dangerous feature?

My biceps, I’m the undefeated cellblock HOB arm wrestling champion.

Are you guilty?

Not guilty just misunderstood.

Photo by Oli Sandler

Gracie can be seen along with the remainder of the cast TONIGHT at Madame JoJo’s for HOB Banged up!
This is your last chance to buy your tickets - Here

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Banged Up Prison Profile - THE Diablo Daniels

The Diablo Daniels, 

One of our Newest inmates… We know your crime, do you have anything to say in your defence?


Why are you Banged up?

For righting the wrongs  of oppression on women from the patriarchy, and having the balls (ovaries) to take matters into my own hands (or vagina)

What is your role in Cellblock HOB? 

*RAPS* I be that rockabilly rachet/ with a nasty habit /I chop cocks off with a passion/ Goddamn it.
What is the one item you can’t be without? 
Red lipstick. Easy for marking your prey.
What is your most dangerous feature?
My fuck the world mentality? No. My thug life past? Probably not. Nah, its definitely gotta be all the teeth up in my vagina. VAGINA DENTATA BITCHES!
Are you guilty?

Picture by Oli Sandler

You have 3 days until all inmates are back in Cellblock HOB, Catch them this Friday Madame JoJo’s  - For Booking Click HERE!

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Banged Up Prison Profile - Leonie Soprano

Leonie Soprano

You have requested we add to your Admissions Statement, what do you have to say for yourself?


What is your Job within Cell Block HOB?

I’m the Chef… You mess with my kitchen? You mess with ME!

What is the one Item you can’t live without?

A good Haddock!

Why have you been Banged Up?

I killed another chef in Paris during my training. To be honest, he hacked me off. So I hacked him.

What is your most dangerous feature?

The twins as I like to call them. I definitely am the boobs of the cell.

Picture by The Urban Snapper

The Next Banged up Show is Friday 11th April at Madame JoJo’s - Buy Your tickets HERE!

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Banged Up Prison Profile - Storm Hooper

Storm Hooper…

You have the right to remain silent. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you may later rely on in court….


Why are you Banged up?

They say my rich husband died because of me. They’re all claimin’ i’m a Gold Digger!

What’s the one Item you can’t live without?

My Hula Hoops. Practicing passes the long days in the cell

What’s Your Most Dangerous Feature?

My hips. All those hoops man, its a tough life..

Are you Guilty or Not Guilty?

NOT GUILTY. It was all an accident. I promise. I just have always had really bad luck with men.

Picture by The Urban Snapper

Next months Banged Up is fast approaching - Don’t miss out! Buy your tickets HERE!

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